A New, Chilling Account Of What Happened To Eleven-Year-Old Alleged Rape Victim

The September issue of GQ has a piece, not online, about the repeated gang-rape of an eleven-year-old child in Cleveland, Texas. And whereas previous coverage appalled observers for implicit victim-blaming, Kathy Dobie's story has the sensitivity (and the time and space) the tragedy deserves, though we still learn… »8/24/11 6:10pm8/24/11 6:10pm

Times Responds To Gang Rape Story But Still Needs Some Pointers

The New York Times's public editor has responded to widespread complaints about the paper's coverage of a child being gang raped in Texas. The gist: "My assessment is that the outrage is understandable. The story dealt with a hideous crime but addressed concerns about the ruined lives of the perpetrators without… »3/11/11 4:00pm3/11/11 4:00pm