How Are You Celebrating Vasectomy Season?

With all the talk of lady contraception, we almost forgot that some guys also take steps to keep from making babies—and it turns out this month is a popular time for dudes to get that vasectomy they've been wanting. You see, there's a little basketball tournament called March Madness happening at the moment, and it… » 3/15/12 11:55pm 3/15/12 11:55pm

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Human Trials Of Breast Cancer Vaccine May Start In Two Years

Scientists at the Cleveland Clinic are working on a vaccine against the protein alpha-lactalbumin, which is only found in breast cancer cells and mammary cells of lactating women. If it works, it would be available for women over 40. [Guardian] » 5/31/10 2:45pm 5/31/10 2:45pm