Londoners Keep It Incredibly Simple On The Non-Carpet

London's First Light Movie Awards is all about celebrating young talent — and young fashion! » 3/16/11 10:37am 3/16/11 10:37am

Tamsin Greig is patriotism incarnate. Michelle Ryan in sober basics. Gugu Mbatha-Raw manages like three period costumes in one dress. Sarah Hadland takes "cap sleeve" to a new minimalism — beanie sleeve, maybe. …

Front-Row Paris In The Springtime

When it comes to fashion week, it doesn't get much more serious than Paris. And that goes double for the A-list front rows.
» 3/09/11 10:55am 3/09/11 10:55am

At Stella McCartney, mixes a little softness with her signature edge. As usual, is the ultimate modern gamine. At Chloe. takes a maximalist approach, but retains her mere's slightly goth…

Harry Potter Knocks Off Alexander McQueen

When Fleur Delacour married William Weasley on August 1, 1997, according to the canonical text, she wore a simple white dress and an heirloom tiara. For the movie adaptation, the dress was considerably sexed up. » 10/25/10 4:40pm 10/25/10 4:40pm

Chanel's Front Row: Celebrity Glamour Inundation

The Chanel Haute Couture fashion show is one of the events of the week, and fashionistas, Gossip Girls and stars alike bring it — with spectacular results! » 7/07/10 10:36am 7/07/10 10:36am

Is Marie Claire Taking Over Elle's Sloppy Project Runway Seconds?