Beyond Cleavage: The Golden Age of Innerboob, Sideboob, & Underboob

It's basically impossible to keep up with the terminology used to exactly describe what part of a woman's breasts are visible to the world. And if you don't know what words to use, how can you properly describe exactly which part of that part of you looked so phenomenal the last time you rocked it? In order to right… »6/25/13 2:00pm6/25/13 2:00pm

Cover Your Cleavage for Takeoff: Southwest Airlines Screws Up Again

On June 5th, Avital* was boarding a 6 AM flight from Las Vegas to New York in a comfy cotton dress, a loose open flannel shirt and a colorful scarf when she was told that her cleavage was "inappropriate." The airline dealt with the incident as it has many, many times in the past (at least when customers contact media… »6/14/12 3:30pm6/14/12 3:30pm

There Are So Many Reasons Not to Buy a Mousepad With Boobs on It [NSFW]

What would you say is the very worst part about this mousepad? The fact that the mouse blocks her lovely animated face? That she's wearing such a flimsy, low-cut tank top in an office? That her "boobs" are actually filled with gel to support your wrist in an ergonomic position while you work, er, surf porn at work?… »3/29/12 11:15pm3/29/12 11:15pm

Canadian Politician Criticized For Showing Too Much Cleavage

Canadian politician Christy Clark, who's the Premier of British Columbia, is facing some criticism over her wardrobe choices. The dust-up began on Wednesday when David Schreck, a retired politician and pundit, tweeted: "Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?" That set off a… »10/09/11 2:45pm10/09/11 2:45pm

'Washington Post' Fashion Critic: A Vast Tit-Wing Conspiracy?

Remember Hillary Clinton's "tits"? Washington Post fashion critic and Pulitzer winner Robin Givhan wrote about them, like, forever ago, in one of those stories that seems a little mean until you think about how Ann Coulter has personally raised enough money for John Edwards' campaign coffers that he could probably add… »7/30/07 12:15pm7/30/07 12:15pm