Any Man Who Won't Clean Is a Terrible Asshole (Or Old, or Both)

If you are a man in a relationship with someone (most likely a woman) who is fed up with you because you don't clean house at all, or as much, or don't do it competently, or have to be asked, or have to be yelled at, or have to, in ANY way, shape, or form, be spoken to like a misbehaving child or an egregious pet,… »12/11/13 5:10pm12/11/13 5:10pm

Swiffer Kills Offensive Rosie the Riveter-Inspired Floor-Cleaning Ad

Obviously this woman is not exactly Rosie the Riveter. But it's clear the model is inspired by the World War II icon — the polka-dot headband, the blue workshirt, the tough expression. But instead of putting a mothertrucking bomber together, this lady is about to do the floors. Earlier this week, Alexandra Petri… »6/06/13 3:00pm6/06/13 3:00pm

The Lazy Lady's Secret to Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Much unlike many a magazine editor who recommends you buy all sorts of crap that they most likely got for free, your Jezebel staff doesn't get jack shit (other than books, unsolicited). And that's how it should be. But on our own time, in our personal lives, we still buy stuff. So this is Worth It, our recommendation… »11/12/12 4:00pm11/12/12 4:00pm

Hip Republican Credits Daughters With Teaching Him Cooking, Cleaning Skills

Scott Brown of Massachusetts is pretty much the GOP's greatest remaining hope for hip, modern ideas in a party increasingly characterized by dour, prude regressionism. A visionary new voice for a party that's unfortunately branded itself as a retro outfit that just wants women to get back to the kitchen. Yes, Scott… »3/27/12 12:40pm3/27/12 12:40pm

Want a Job With Explosive Growth Opportunities? Grab Your Biohazard Suit

Find yourself in search of a new, more lucrative career or wanting to make some extra cash on the side? Why not take advantage of one of America's greatest scourges: Meth labs. Don't worry, we are not suggesting you go all Breaking Bad and start cooking meth. No, this job involves cleaning up meth labs after the… »3/26/12 10:00am3/26/12 10:00am

You'd Be a Lot Happier If You Weren't Such an Anal Control Freak

Would you describe yourself as a control freak? Does the idea of letting a cleaning woman into your house give you a minor panic attack? Does the thought of letting your husband organize your closet make you want to cry? Well, then you might sit on the freaky side of the control spectrum. Chances are, you are kind of… »3/16/12 2:00pm3/16/12 2:00pm

See What It Looks Like When Barbie Becomes A Hoarder

Now that Barbie is working about 16 jobs at once (everything from princess to zoo doctor!), her life has gotten a little out of control. As a modern woman, it's hard for her to keep things neat and tidy on the home front—and who can blame her? That Malibu Dreamhouse is not gonna clean itself. As a result, it looks… »1/02/12 7:00pm1/02/12 7:00pm