Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite for Romantic Segway Excursion

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted riding around on Segways together in the gated community in which the Biebs dwells. What does this mean? I mean, I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but riding Segways together is one of the most intimate things that humans can do. There is no vulnerability like the… » 1/03/14 9:13am 1/03/14 9:13am

Celebs Look 'Flawsome' at Tyra Banks' Charity Ball

Last night in New York, Tyra Banks presented the Flawsome Ball, a gala benefiting the Tyra Banks TZONE at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. According to the official site, it's a "leadership development center" offering development workshops, mentoring and community-wide events, so that preteens and teens can build… » 10/19/12 1:05pm 10/19/12 1:05pm

Oprah Winfrey Will Make Sarah Palin Wish She'd Never Been Born

  • Sarah Palin's spokespeople say she is not snubbing Oprah Winfrey by refusing to appear on her show. Palin's flack says it's "nothing personal" and that Palin has just been too busy. "The governor was invited to appear. She was also invited to appear on Letterman, Leno, Stephanopoulos, The Daily Show. She passed on a…
  • » 12/09/08 6:20pm 12/09/08 6:20pm