Ryan Zinke Thinks Robert E. Lee Is Really a Lot Like Martin Luther King Jr. 

Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke is a man heavy with contradictions and light of knowledge. He is charged with preserving America’s natural splendor, but loves fracking. He pretends to be a geologist; but alas, he is not. Now, HuffPost reports that Zinke has once again managed to insult people of color, this…

Why This Romance Writer Decided to Tackle the American Civil War, After All 

It’s 1862, and Elle Burns is not what she seems. Ostensibly a slave working in a Confederate senator’s Richmond home, she’s actually a plant gathering intel to aid the Union cause—when she encounters Malcolm McCall, another spy, a dashing Scotsman by way of Kentucky, who simultaneously infuriates and interests her.

GOP Lawmaker Calls Abe Lincoln the 'Same Sort of Tyrant' As Hitler, Thinks the Civil War Was 'Unnecessary'

North Carolina rep. Larry Pittman was evidently not in great spirits yesterday after his unconstitutional bill to restore a same-sex marriage ban in the state was slapped down by the Republican House Speaker. And what do Republican officials apparently love to do when the going gets tough? Make an extremely offensive…