Rosa Parks' Institute Upset At Attempted Rape Revelation

The publication of parts of Rosa Parks' archive, specifically a letter in which she describes an attempted rape by her employer, has angered members of the Institute she founded. Parks wrote of the encounter, "I was trapped and helpless. I was hurt and sickened through with anger and disgust." (Previously it was… » 8/04/11 6:42pm 8/04/11 6:42pm

No Justice Yet For Jim Crow Gang Rape Survivor

It's been nearly 70 years since Recy Taylor, now 91, was gang-raped by a group of white men. Her case was eventually taken up by Rosa Parks, but the confessed perpetrators were never punished. Taylor recently told the Root, "I should have talked more about it too myself. At the time, I didn't want nobody to think… » 2/10/11 2:07pm 2/10/11 2:07pm