Apparently Abandoned ‘Maternity Hotel’ in Southern California Would Make a Great American Horror Story Set Piece

The alleged maternity hotel looming like Castle Frankenstein over the wary villagers in Chino Hills has been apparently abandoned, and all the grumpy neighbors who protested its defiant existence back in early December were all, "It's about goddamn time." » 1/06/13 1:30pm 1/06/13 1:30pm

Congrats, Europe: Michele Bachmann Is Officially Your Problem, Too

There is exactly one thing Michele Bachmann is an expert in, and that is keeping things interesting. To that end, it was announced yesterday that she has recently become a citizen of Switzerland. Whaaa? Why would Congresswoman Bachmann want to forsake her beloved America that she loves precisely because it is filled… » 5/09/12 10:00am 5/09/12 10:00am

Prospect of Boring Paperwork Keeps Chicago Mother from Obtaining U.S. Citizenship for her In-Vitro Twins

Chicago native Ellie Lavi's attempts to obtain citizenship for her twin daughters has gotten caught on the snaggle-tooth of America's bureaucracy, with the U.S. State Department refusing to grant the children citizenship because Lavi, who used donor sperm and egg from an Israeli clinic, can't prove that either of the… » 4/17/12 9:35pm 4/17/12 9:35pm