Brace Yourself for Another 'Documentary' About Hillary Clinton

OK, America, you've had your breather, and now it's time for the 2016 shenanigans to begin. For instance: Our old pals at Citizens United are already working on another "documentary" about Hillary Clinton—a sequel, if you will, to Hillary: The Movie. Don't everybody pre-order your tickets all at once! » 12/12/13 10:50am 12/12/13 10:50am

Right-Wing Women Stand Up To SATC & Gaga In New Movie

Right-wing women's rise is chronicled in a new documentary, Fire From the Heartland: The Reawakening of the Conservative Woman. Sexual overtones, anyone? But maybe that's just our dissolute values talking. Check out the trailer. » 9/16/10 4:39pm 9/16/10 4:39pm

Long-Suffering Supreme Court Endures Hillary: The Movie

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in the case of Citizens United's schlock-fest Hillary: The Movie. It's been a long and winding legal road just to get this load of crap on pay-per-view. » 3/24/09 4:00pm 3/24/09 4:00pm