Hillary Clinton Wants SCOTUS Nominees Who Will Overturn Citizens United

The Washington Post is reporting that Hillary Clinton told a group of big deal campaign donors that if she’s elected president, she’ll only approve Supreme Court nominees who would overturn Citizens United. Despite her new tough talk, Clinton, like every other candidate, will waft towards election day on a tide of… » 5/15/15 11:30am 5/15/15 11:30am

Brace Yourself for Another 'Documentary' About Hillary Clinton

OK, America, you've had your breather, and now it's time for the 2016 shenanigans to begin. For instance: Our old pals at Citizens United are already working on another "documentary" about Hillary Clinton—a sequel, if you will, to Hillary: The Movie. Don't everybody pre-order your tickets all at once! » 12/12/13 10:50am 12/12/13 10:50am