Canadian Rapscallion Justin Bieber Should Be Deported, Says American Guy

Justin Bieber, the Menace from Manitoba, the Villain of Vancouver, the Cretin in Calgary, the Lawbreaker from London (that one is actually accurate) should be kicked out of the United States, a country whose innocence he has, with his loose Canadian morals and possible SOCIALIST sympathies, officially destroyed as of… »2/02/14 2:00pm2/02/14 2:00pm


Israelis Use DNA To Catch Puppy Poopers • Gardasil Vaccine May Be Mandatory For Immigrants

• A suburb of Tel Aviv will use DNA found in dog poop »9/16/08 5:30pm9/16/08 5:30pm will reward and punish dog owners who properly (or improperly) dispose of their pup's droppings on the street. • Meet 5 "Fiesty" , including Margaret Truman Daniel (President Truman's daughter) who co-hosted a radio program with Mike Wallace, and Elizabeth…