9 Acrobats Injured After Circus Platform Collapses

Today in the story of my nightmares, an incident at the Barnum and Bailey Circus performance in Rhode Island, sent 11 people to the hospital. The incident occurred right before intermission during a "hair hang" aerial act, in which the performers hung 30 feet in the air by their hair. A platform collapsed, eight… » 5/04/14 5:35pm 5/04/14 5:35pm

Meanwhile, Two Drunk Elephants Went Jogging in Siberia

Although vodka's metaphorically saved my life many a time, Ruski firewater literally rescued two Indian circus elephants from frostbite after the truck in which they were being transported caught fire. Stranded on a highway in freezing Siberia, Russia, the handlers did the only thing they could think of, which was… » 12/15/12 6:00pm 12/15/12 6:00pm