Zoolander Sequel Really, Really, Really Happening

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NYTimes Issues Apology For Cintra Wilson Article

In what is hopefully the final chapter in the JCPenney scandal of August 2009, the New York Times issued an apology of sorts for Cintra Wilson's now-notorious "Critical Shopper" takedown of JCPenney that appeared in the paper earlier this month. » 8/23/09 4:30pm 8/23/09 4:30pm

You Can Look Chic At Penney's! (If You Have To.)

Renata Espinosa: "Sailor striped knits paired with the slouchy denim-very Jean Paul Gaultier. A tie-dyed vest half wrapped around my neck like a scarf, layered under another long black knit vest over rubberized leggings? A little Rick Owens, maybe." [DailyBeast] » 8/20/09 11:20am 8/20/09 11:20am

Gwyneth Does Designer Duds; Posh Hires Doppelgänger

Wars Of Words: Week, Penney's Fracas, Blessedly Over

In the days since we gave our take on Cintra Wilson's J.C. Penney review, the thing's taken on a life of its own: Wilson's three apologies, a barrage of abuse on her site and a lot of media coverage. » 8/14/09 4:30pm 8/14/09 4:30pm

Times Writer Finds J.C. Penney's Focus On Fat People Clever, Amusing

"Why would this dowdy Middle American entity waddle into Midtown in its big old shorts and flip-flops without even bothering to update its ancient Helvetica Light logo?" asks the Times' Cintra Wilson in a remarkably nasty piece. Brace yourselves, kids. » 8/12/09 12:40pm 8/12/09 12:40pm

Stella McCartney And Ali Hewson Lawyer Up; Agyness Does Jacko

Sophie Dahl Gets A Cooking Show; Tilda Swinton To Be Face of Pringle

Lagerfeld Is Shockingly Vain; Angelina's Stylist Spills Secrets

Conservatives Use Sexism To Attack, Undermine Feminists

When I wrote my first real post » 9/15/08 4:00pm 9/15/08 4:00pm about Sarah Palin as the Republican's Vice Presidential nominee, I noted — as many others were noting and — that she was hardly the candidate with the best or even remotely complete record on women's issues like reproductive choice or pay equity. I did so even as my email inbox was…