Cindy Crawford Talks About Her Mole and Being ‘Jealous’ Of Social Media

Cindy Crawford, one of the world’s most revered supermodels, is coming out with an autobiographical book called Becoming. Crawford, who faced criticism when an altered ‘untouched’ photo leaked online earlier this year, says the book is meant to help women develop a healthy self-esteem. Advice coming from one of the… »9/24/15 10:25am9/24/15 10:25am


Girls Fans Throw Shade at Lena Dunham for Liking Taylor Swift

Sincerest feelings-havers Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift have been Internet friends since Red dropped in October, but Dunham just admitted that the denizens of Bushwick who constitute her fanbase have a hard time believing that she scream-sings "You Belong With Me" in the shower like many a red-blooded human being.… »1/03/13 9:00am1/03/13 9:00am

Alec Baldwin Mobilizes His Twitter Followers to Attack His Girlfriend's Harasser

Alec Baldwin is a little unpredictable when he gets upset, and last night, someone pushed his perfectly-coifed buttons the wrong way. Baldwin tweeted that a mysterious stranger calling themselves @Scarfacemadam, "has entered the twitter-verse ONLY to harass my girlfriend." He said that this person was "borderline… »3/21/12 8:00pm3/21/12 8:00pm

Experts Agree: Cindy Crawford's 10-Year-Old Daughter Is Genetic Perfection

File this under "You're Old." Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia has begun modeling for Versace, the same fashion house that Cindy acted as muse for throughout the 1990's. To be fair, it's Young Versace that Kaia is modeling for and she is only 10-years-old, though you wouldn't know that from the way people are talking… »1/19/12 11:40am1/19/12 11:40am

How Many Supermodels Can You Cram Into A Single Duran Duran Video?

Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, and Yasmin Le Bon star in — and actually play the band — in the video for Duran Duran's new song, "Girl Panic!" The song is catchy, but the clip clocks in at nearly ten minutes thanks to long, interstitial scenes where Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon,… »11/08/11 7:15pm11/08/11 7:15pm