Watch Cindy Adams Deliver Her Most Bewilderingly Incoherent Gossip Segment Ever

Oof! New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams has always been an eccentric character, and viewers of NBC New York's weekend morning news will know that she's become increasingly unhinged during her regular appearances—often jumping randomly from topic to topic and not seeming to entirely know the people she… »1/08/12 4:35pm1/08/12 4:35pm


Judge Judy Puts Herself In "The Big House"…Her Own

What would Judge Judy do? Well, apparently she's taken the millions upon millions of dollars she's made through her syndicated TV show to build an elaborate family compound in Connecticut that rivals most hotels. I would give my right arm to see it (please, please feature this place, MTV Cribs!). JJ's good pal Cindy… »6/18/08 12:00pm6/18/08 12:00pm