The Best Places to Sneak a Cigarette at Disneyland Paris

Through Discovery Arcade, past Le Petit Train de Cirque, across pavement that wouldn't dare crumble stateside, is a small bench sandwiched between two slightly overgrown hedges. The ground is littered with ash. This is Disneyland Paris, and despite signs to the contrary, this is a popular spot for smoking. »4/15/15 2:00pm4/15/15 2:00pm

So, You’re That One Friend Who's Still Trying To Quit Smoking. Me Too.

The amazing thing about nicotine addiction: It's an addiction! Like, you feel like you can't stop no matter how much you want to! The second amazing thing about nicotine addiction: People who have never been addicted to cigarettes (or smoked significantly less than you before they quit) cannot fundamentally understand… »6/08/13 2:00pm6/08/13 2:00pm

Smoking Really Does Make Your Hangover Worse

Science has finally proven what we've all known to be true through our own anecdotal evidence: smoking cigarettes during a night of drinking will take your hangover from "my head hurts" to "somebody kill me." Researchers at Brown University have found "at the same number of drinks, people who smoke more likely to have… »12/05/12 11:10am12/05/12 11:10am

But Seriously, Quit Smoking Before You're 30 So You Can Live a Decade Longer

Hardly revelatory news that cigarettes are bad for you, but UK researchers have found new data after completing their One Million Women Study, published in The Lancet: quit before you're 30, or even 40, and you'll tack another 10 years onto your life. 1.2 million women aged 50 to 69 participated in the study, which… »10/27/12 12:30pm10/27/12 12:30pm

More Teens Party for the First Time in June and July

Teenagers are more likely to smoke weed and cigarettes and drink alcohol for the first time in June and July, according to a new federal study. Around 5,000 teens aged 13-17 start lighting up cigarettes and 4,500 try pot each day for the first time during those months, as opposed to 3,000 to 4,000 a day during the… »7/05/12 1:35pm7/05/12 1:35pm

Court Rules FDA Can't Shame Smokers With Gross Cigarette Labels

The government has already jacked up taxes on cigarettes and forced smokers into the cold, but yesterday it lost a battle in its ongoing effort to scare and annoy smokers into quitting rather than just banning cigarettes. The FDA's plan to cover half of every cigarette label with disgusting images of rotten teeth and… »11/08/11 12:00pm11/08/11 12:00pm