Boys Club No More: Now Women Make Up Nearly Half of the CIA

Earlier this month, Mother Jones described the early days of the CIA as "Mad Men with security clearances." Men were the spies; women were the secretaries. But over the years, things have changed, and now, women make up nearly half of the CIA, and at least 40% of undercover operatives (spies) are female. » 11/14/13 11:40am 11/14/13 11:40am

CIA's Cool New Deputy Used to Hold Erotica Nights at Her Bookstore

As a graduate (and a scholar) in International Relations and Middle East Studies, I've eyed my fair share State Department/intelligence jobs before realizing I didn't want to be another pawn in the enactment of American imperialism and hegemony. But before it dawned on me that I never want to have to remove my nose… » 6/13/13 7:00pm 6/13/13 7:00pm

Mothers, Don't Let Your Girls Grow Up to Love Morally Upright Spies

Last week, several media outlets obtained leaked information that revealed that the United States government, in collaboration with several major corporations, has been secretly collecting a metric fuckton of data on its citizens without their knowledge or consent, all as part of a Bond villainesquely named program… » 6/10/13 11:40am 6/10/13 11:40am

A Guide to Understanding the Increasingly Convoluted Petraeus Sex…

Twenty to thirty thousand emails, shirtless photos, illicit sex ("under" a desk, no less): are we sure the Petraeus scandal isn't actually a viral marketing campaign for the next season of Gossip Girl? If you haven't been paying attention to the still-developing drama (we're expecting a secret pregnancy to break this… » 11/13/12 11:40am 11/13/12 11:40am

Hank Williams Jr. Pains Our Ears, And Our Brains

John McCain's Staff Tells One Reporter To Stay Off The Bus

Vanity Fair And The New Yorker Expose The Clandestine Operations That…

Hola, patriots! We have a treat for you today at Crappy Hour: we read two really long stories for you, Gail Sheehy's first rough draft of the demise of Hillaryland in Vanity Fair and Seymour Hersh's investig-planation of what exactly your tax dollars are doing in Iran. And oh my goodness, the stuff we knew that we… » 7/01/08 10:30am 7/01/08 10:30am

Paris Alive, Primping. We Can't Fucking Wait For Midweek Madness

  • Two hotly-anticipated releases took place yesterday: A top-secret cache of CIA documents, and Paris fucking Hilton. Both involve mysterious drug use, breaking the law. Which got more media attention? Which yielded more interesting tidbits? Wait, don't answer that! But do vote in our poll of most loathsome moments in…
  • » 6/27/07 9:30am 6/27/07 9:30am

Among Cold War Spies, "Swallow" Had A Whole Other Sexual Connotation

If you, like us, are fond of arming yourselves with intellectual-sounding anecdotes about world history with which to disguise the fact that all you ever actually talk about is sex, you will enjoy this piece on the Harper's blog that is very loosely related to a book coming out on corrupt congressman Randall "Duke"… » 4/17/07 12:35pm 4/17/07 12:35pm