The Church of England Might Finally Allow Women as Bishops

A mere 480 years after Henry VIII told Rome to take a hike, the Church of England is finally on the verge of admitting women to the leadership position of bishop. » 7/11/14 4:15pm 7/11/14 4:15pm

Church of England Updating Itself with ‘Champagne Christenings’

Let’s face it — in the industrialized, Western world, religion is having a fairly rough go of it. Sure, there will always be some hardcore fundamentalist literalists who refuse to admit, say, that lions and gazelles wouldn’t pass a 40 day and night diluvian pleasure cruise playing bridge and calmly sipping highballs,… » 6/30/13 12:30pm 6/30/13 12:30pm

Many Clergywomen Consider Resignation After Church of England Denies…

Since the General Synod voted against allowing women to become bishops last week, the decision has become the biggest crisis faced by the Church of England for decades, alleges a piece on the post-vote fallout in UK periodical The Telegraph. Many of the present bishops (notably, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who cited… » 11/24/12 5:30pm 11/24/12 5:30pm

Church of England Decides Not to Let Any Women Into Bishop Boys Club

After a controversial and very close voting process, The Church of England decided not to leave the Stone Age and finally allow women to serve as bishops, because it's only 2012, stop rushing them! » 11/20/12 4:30pm 11/20/12 4:30pm

Ladies Fall Prey To The Aniston Effect

• According to the Daily Mail, there is a such thing as the Jennifer Aniston Effect. No, this has nothing to do with weeping silently into your pillow over your lack of babies or Brad — it's about your hair. » 7/14/10 5:46pm 7/14/10 5:46pm

Recovered Memories Of Childhood Abuse: Healing The Victim, Healing The…

In a debate reminiscent of the one over false rape claims, sociologist Jo Woodiwiss has taken aim at women's false memories of childhood sexual abuse. But are women or their recollections really the problem? » 3/11/10 12:00pm 3/11/10 12:00pm

Crush On Obama Fades After First Year • Girl Scientist Invited To White…

• Breakups hurt. Amber Lee Ettinger, aka Obama Girl, says she's disappointed in the President's first year, and would like to see him focusing more on "jobs and the economy." • » 1/27/10 5:40pm 1/27/10 5:40pm

Desperate Times...

In a spirit of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," the Church of England has instituted a "hatch and match" program in which unwed parents can get a wedding and christening in one, making everything, um, kosher. [DailyMail] » 7/24/09 11:20am 7/24/09 11:20am

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