Louis CK Cast A Black Actress As The Mother Of His White Kids And…

Louis CK, continuing to carve out a niche for himself as Sort Of Genius/the Lethargic Husky Dream Man of men and women across the nation with dark senses of humor and minor clinical depression, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night fielding questions about his choice to cast a black woman (after valiantly Googling, it… » 6/27/12 9:00am 6/27/12 9:00am

Please Don't Let the Divine Dame Judi Dench Go Blind

Your Monday morning sad: Dame Judi Dench says she's losing her vision and now needs people to read scripts to her. Diagnosed with macular degeneration, a condition that damages the retina and can lead to blindness, she can't see faces in front of her and needs lenses, glasses and bright lights to help her – at one… » 2/20/12 9:00am 2/20/12 9:00am

Russell Brand Arrested For Pushing Photographer

Melanie Griffith Is Back In Rehab; Michael Jackson's Death Ruled A…

Britney Admits Her Marriage Was A Bad Idea

Kissing Sean Penn: "Dry"

Loose Lips

Are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem getting hitched? A "source" says Javier's Mama told him, "What's the matter with you? She's perfect! You love her, she loves you. Get married." • New Jersey cops have arrested a pair of high school students who wrote a "hit list" containing the names of three fellow students… » 4/10/08 11:45am 4/10/08 11:45am

Loose Lips

The two doctors who were investigated by the Feds in Heath Ledger's accidental overdose were cleared of all charges. Agents determined that while the doctors did prescribe meds to Ledger, they did not give him the drugs that contributed to his death. • Paper magazine listed the top ten worst nude film scenes of all… » 2/29/08 11:45am 2/29/08 11:45am

John Edwards: Rohwr!

So this occasion: just how historic? That and other pressing questions, from "doesn't Britney look way cute in those pix?" to "who is Chuck Norris's hot wife and is it Anna Nicole Smith she looks cloned from?" to "which candidate do you feel most sorriest for?" to "do you feel better or worse about Evangelical voters… » 1/04/08 10:00am 1/04/08 10:00am

Huckabee's "Minor" Son Was Still A Major Asshole

Jesus Christ: What the fuck is up with Republican presidential candidates and cruelty towards animals? First, in a National Lampoon-like moment of utter idiocy, Mitt Romney straps the family dog to the roof of his car; now Mike Huckabee's son David is said to have lynched a stray dog while working as a counselor at a… » 12/18/07 11:00am 12/18/07 11:00am