Kate Middleton's Birth Announcement Will Be Revealed via Royal Easel

The first post-birth update about Kate Middleton and Prince William's Royal Spawn will be delivered via easel to Buckingham Palace, according to The Telegraph: "The first indication that the Duchess has given birth will come when an aide leaves the hospital carrying a piece of paper with details of the baby’s sex,… »6/20/13 9:00am6/20/13 9:00am


Christopher Guest Has a New HBO Show Starring Chris O'Dowd!? Yes!

We all love Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, so let's just get all the bragging about how we watched Spinal Tap in our mother's wombs and laughed so hard our mom went into premature delivery and we had to be hooked up to all sorts of special tubes for months and got in the local paper for being a "miracle baby"… »3/18/13 10:15pm3/18/13 10:15pm

Lea Michele and Her Family Love Bonding Over Regrettable Tattoos

While most families show their love with hugs, presents and/or passive-aggressive barbs following a boozy lunch, Lea Michele and her kin say it with body art. "I come from a very big Italian family, and tattoos are very popular. We'll be like, 'Let's all get tattoos,'" she told David Letterman. "Then we get super… »5/23/12 9:00am5/23/12 9:00am

Tina Fey: Comedienne, Cover Girl And "Great Role Model" For Women

The much-beloved Tina Fey returns to prime time tonight with a brand new episode of 30 Rock, the first since the writers' strike ended. Not only that, but her new movie, Baby Mama hits theaters on April 25, and she's Entertainment Weekly's cover girl on the issue hitting stands tomorrow (she also graces the cover of… »4/10/08 4:00pm4/10/08 4:00pm