Fifty Shades Auditions Reel Was Heavy on the Comedic Mismatches

If only Christoph Waltz really had auditioned for and been cast as Christian Grey, we’d have all the proof we needed to know that the universe is lorded over by an omnipotent being (probably a platypus) that takes a special interest in casting decisions on movies made about erotica bestsellers. Waltz would be so… »10/06/13 5:30pm10/06/13 5:30pm

Courtney Stodden Made a Sex Tape. Pause For Lack of Reaction.

In a move worthy of Charlie Kaufman, Doug Hutchison's newly non-child bride Courtney Stodden took a break from living in a sex tape just long enough to actually film a sex tape. Meta! It is a solo tape, filmed shortly after her 18th birthday, and, SORRY, it is totally private until she decides to sell it for more… »5/18/13 11:30am5/18/13 11:30am

The Gorgeous Dresses and Hot Messes of the Oscars Red Carpet

Last night at the 85th annual Academy Awards, for the most part, the look on the red carpet was classic Hollywood glamour. Like rare birds during mating season, A-listers tried to outshine each other, and some of the bright plumage and peacockery on display was truly stunning. Alas, there were a few sartorial missteps… »2/25/13 11:20am2/25/13 11:20am

Jennifer Lawrence Flips Off the Press Room and More Gossip from the Oscars

While you were staggering home in a prosecco haze, celebrities were still out partying, and here's some post-Oscar nuggets for you to munch on. Okay, so yeah, Jennifer Lawrence fell down on her way to collect her Best Actress Oscar. We can perhaps attribute this to her previous confession that she was planning to get … »2/25/13 9:00am2/25/13 9:00am

Christoph Waltz Wants to Be Your Idiom-Challenged Valentine’s Day Stalker

People who speak English as a second language may make for the most star-crossed secret admirers Valentine's Day has to offer. Poor Christoph Waltz and his stilted, idiom-drained English! All he wants to do is own his beloved, take her deep into the woods, and sleep with her there for 100 years. If it's in God's plan,… »2/17/13 1:00pm2/17/13 1:00pm

Saturday Night Social: The Unlikely Pairing of Christoph Waltz and Beyoncé

Like a full-bodied Austrian wine and a hella sassy cheese, sometimes the best combinations are the most unexpected. Tonight, two big names stage a coup d'etat on your evening television schedule: First up, at 9, the intellectual, rather terrifying Austrian Django Unchained star Beyoncé appears on HBO in Life is But A… »2/16/13 6:30pm2/16/13 6:30pm

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway Daringly Go Between Two Ferns

It's nearly time for the Academy Awards and while the show itself offers little more excitement than the usual H-Wood circle jerk, the same cannot be said for Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition. Featuring the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz and Anne Hathaway, … »2/11/13 6:20pm2/11/13 6:20pm