Weird and Wild Christmas Jams to Delight and Frighten the Whole Family

The scenario: your stepfather won’t stop playing Mannheim Steamroller because it’s so festive but also “experimental” and “cool.” The solution: convince him to let you play these “alternative” Christmas jams by making him think you’re letting him in on a secret that will make him even “cooler.”

What's the Best Song on Amy Grant's Christmas Album? Trick Question Bitch You Fucking Love Them All 

It’s nine hundred degrees and hailing on the eve of our Lord and Savior Jesus Krampus. The daffodils are blooming; the tinsel wilts; a solitary wolf in upstate New York feels the twinge of stigmata and tilts his head to the east. Haters across the nation drop to the ground in penance; mothers in kitchens lay out…


'I've Known Donald for Years': 3 Hours Undercover at a Young Republicans Holiday Party 

The New York State Young Republicans—not to be confused with the New York Young Republicans, whose website is much nicer—is a scrappy group. Outnumbered in their home state, and somewhat less maniacal than their southern counterparts, its members seem to need a fancy Christmas gathering more than most; the occasion…