Maureen Dowd Misquotes Candidate's Wife to Make Her Sound Homophobic

Today, the New York Times ran an opinion piece by Maureen Dowd that quoted New York City mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray as saying some kinda anti-lesbian stuff about candidate (and lesbian) Christine Quinn's ability to relate to other women. But it turns out that what Dowd said McCray said… »8/21/13 4:30pm8/21/13 4:30pm


Christine Quinn Can't Be Anti-Street Harassment But Pro-Stop-and-Frisk

Hollaback!, the popular app that allows people to map and share their street harassment stories online, is partnering with Speaker Christine Quinn for a fancy schmancy new targeted system to report sexual harassment to New York City Council Members in real time. Here's the problem: Quinn supports the NYPD's (now… »8/20/13 2:30pm8/20/13 2:30pm

Whatever, Voting for Anthony Weiner Doesn't Make You a ‘Bad Feminist’

"New York feminists, explain yourselves," demands everyone's favorite fun conservative S.E. Cupp in her latest column for the Daily News. "The guy who sent photos of his neatly shorn body to other women while his wife was globetrotting with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a feminist icon, has more support… »7/02/13 2:50pm7/02/13 2:50pm

NYC Is Now the Largest City to Offer Paid Sick Days

New York City is officially the largest city in the county to require that businesses give employers paid sick leave, despite the best efforts of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who claims the measure will "harm the very people it seeks to help." Too bad for him and other powerful critics (ahem mayoral wannabe … »6/27/13 1:00pm6/27/13 1:00pm

Oof: Nobody's buying the new book written by Christine Quinn, the would-be mayor of New York City.

Oof: Nobody's buying the new book written by Christine Quinn, the would-be mayor of New York City. With Patience and Fortitude (in which she discusses her eating disorder) only sold 100 copies in the first week. [Insert joke here about her waiting "with patience and fortitude" for sales to pick up.] »6/19/13 5:15pm6/19/13 5:15pm

Cynthia Nixon Patiently Explains Why She's Not Pro-Christine Quinn

As the New York mayoral race kicks off, Sex and The City and Broadway actress Cynthia Nixon has been organizing LGBT and women-geared fundraisers on behalf of the public advocate Bill de Blasio. She's also had to set a number of people — including, via awkward email, Alec Baldwin — straight (so to speak) about not… »5/25/13 6:00pm5/25/13 6:00pm

One Million NYC Workers Will Finally Get Paid Sick Leave

New York City is on track to order thousands of companies to give paid time off for sick employees, despite the best efforts of business leaders and City Council speaker/mayoral hopeful Christine C. Quinn. The agreement isn't perfect, but it'll allow around one million workers to earn paid time off to recover from… »3/29/13 2:20pm3/29/13 2:20pm

Christine Quinn Might Soon Become New York’s First Openly Gay, Lady Mayor

Christine Quinn, New York's recently married City Council Speaker, has announced this morning that she's running for mayor. If elected, Quinn would become the city's first female AND openly gay mayor, and would prove that Michael Bloomberg isn't the Augustan tyrant we've all secretly suspected him to be. »3/10/13 3:00pm3/10/13 3:00pm

Female Politicians Pressure Christine Quinn to Vote on Paid Sick Days Bill

More than 15 women representing New Yorkers in City Hall, Albany and Washington DC held a press conference today in hopes of pressuring Speaker Christine Quinn to allow a vote on a bill that would give workers five paid sick days a year to take care of themselves or their loved ones. (Tiny businesses with fewer than… »2/25/13 5:20pm2/25/13 5:20pm

The Wedding of New York City’s Highest-Ranking, Openly Gay Official Sounds Like It Was Awesome

Christine Quinn, the highest-ranking New York City official to prefer Sappho over Catullus, got married on Saturday, and all the molar-grinding of bigots across America couldn't stop her because New York is among eight states (and a tiny little district) that either allow gay marriage or are waiting on legislation to… »5/20/12 11:30am5/20/12 11:30am