Christine O'Donnell Asked to Define Marxism, Inane Floundering Ensues

Soledad O'Brien has just about broken the on a roll sound barrier over the last couple of weeks. For most TV journalists, getting Romney mouthpiece John Sununu Rumpelstiltskin-level mad and then reducing Tim Pawlenty to asking her if she understood English would be enough to coast on Gabby Douglas interviews for the… »8/20/12 6:50pm8/20/12 6:50pm


Sarah Palin Backs Out Of Iowa Event Because Of 'Continual Lying'

Sarah Palin has her girl Christine O'Donnell's back. After a bizarre turn of events, in which O'Donnell was invited, then disinvited, then re-invited, to speak before Palin, a source close to Palin told The Wall Street Journal that the former governor wouldn't speak either. The source said Palin was concerned about… »8/31/11 11:53am8/31/11 11:53am

Christine O'Donnell To Open For Sarah Palin In Iowa [Updated]

Two ladies who are not doing much of anything lately in terms of actual political power would like the world to remember that they exist too, and that they were doing this far-right gaffe-happy brunette thing before a certain Minnesota congresswoman. Yes, Christine O'Donnell is the warm-up act for Sarah Palin's… »8/30/11 2:00pm8/30/11 2:00pm

Christine O'Donnell Accuses Piers Morgan Of 'Borderline Sexual Harassment'

Both shameless panderers to attention for its own sake, Christine O'Donnell and Piers Morgan are clearly a match made in heaven. This morning, having slowly walked off Morgan's CNN show two nights ago, O'Donnell was on the Today show to declare, "I wanted to stop that borderline sexual harassment that was going on." »8/19/11 5:25pm8/19/11 5:25pm

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out Of Piers Morgan Interview

Last night former congressional candidate and noted non-witch Christine O'Donnell got upset and walked out of a Piers Morgan Tonight interview. Crass Mr. Morgan was to blame, of course; he had the gall to ask about her views on abstinence and gay marriage — topics she discusses in the very book that she was there to… »8/18/11 9:45am8/18/11 9:45am