The Many Delusions Of Playboy CEO Christie Hefner

Christie Hefner, the current CEO of Playboy Enterprises, is hardly a shrinking violet. But, sometimes, even the best CEO can use a little media training. In a series of new videos for the site Big Think, she spouts off about the Playboy brand, her father's sense of perspective and the future of online porn that made… »12/09/08 4:40pm12/09/08 4:40pm

More Women In Porn Making Waves Behind The Camera

While Hugh Hefner's daughter Christie (seen at left) may be one of the more famous women in porn who's never actually been in porn, there are actually plenty of women cashing in on the industry. MSNBC's Brian Alexander talked to more than a few of them about what it's like to make your money in an industry that many… »12/03/08 5:00pm12/03/08 5:00pm

'Playboy' CEO Christie Hefner: Smut Peddler, Activist, Hero To Women?

The idea that Playboy Enterprises, a multimillion dollar company built on T&A, is run by socially-conscious feminist is enough to make Dworkians' and first-year women's studies students' heads explode. But it's true: Christie Hefner, Hugh Hefner's 54-year-old daughter, CEO of Playboy, and Forbes magazine's 80th most… »10/15/07 1:30pm10/15/07 1:30pm