A Good Christian Could Never Vote for Donald Trump, Who Just Pronounced It 'Two Corinthians'

If we’re being polite, it is inexplicable that Donald Trump—an ongoing Jezebel writing exercise that recently brought our reporter Anna Merlan to the lexical xenith of “superfood made of finely-ground clown wigs”—is a candidate so consistently favored by evangelical Christians. The ongoing connection between a…



Federal Appeals Court Pumps the Brakes on California’s Ban on Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy

Our legal system can sometimes seem like a lurching, inefficient machine that only works after a few well-placed blows from a wrench and some irrational pleading, but it's our legal system and we're stuck with it even when shit like this happens: a federal appeals court on Friday temporarily blocked a law that bans

Megachurch Pastor & Author of Marriage Advice Books Fired After Getting Caught Making Out with Teenager

Jack Schaap, an Indiana megachurch pastor with a finely tuned Sincerity Face, has been fired after he was caught sincerely sucking face with a girl who was not his God-endorsed wife. The good news is that the girl appeared to consent to the makeout sesh. The super, extra gigantic bad news is that according to some…