Menstrual Huts: A Tricky Way for Men to Ensure Ladies Don't Cheat on Them?

Menstrual huts are certainly useful for keeping bleeding women out of sight when they're "unclean," if that's your thing. And they're a good way for women to commune with their fellow bleeders, but it turns out they also appear to be a sneaky way for men to keep tabs on their woman and make sure she doesn't have… »6/10/12 11:55pm6/10/12 11:55pm

Anastasia and Christian Bring You The Latest 'Fifty Shades' News

I was too busy buying out all of the rope in Manhattan/banging my head against the wall to write about the New York Post's groundbreaking "Fifty Shades of Grey" story today. So I asked Anastasia and Christian, the stars of everyone's favorite over-hyped BDSM tome, to cover it instead. After all, Anastasia met… »6/07/12 3:50pm6/07/12 3:50pm

Meet the Christian, Formerly Anti-Abortion Doctor Who Now Performs Late-Term Abortions

Dr. Willie J. Parker has been an outspoken advocate for access to abortion services and is also an abortion provider himself in Washington, DC. In fact, he's one of the few doctors in the country who will perform late-term abortions. He is also one of many people who is opposed to Congress's awful plan to ban… »5/29/12 6:15pm5/29/12 6:15pm

A Group of South Koreans Begs God to Strike Down Evil Lady Gaga

Did you feel a change in the energy of the Earth today? It could have been our new climate-change induced crazy weather, but it was probably because hundreds of South Koreans were busily praying as one in hopes of convincing God to stop Lady Gaga from performing her scheduled concert in Seoul. Why would they object to… »4/22/12 8:00pm4/22/12 8:00pm

The Evangelicals' Sad Attempt to Convert the Christian Masses Into Registered Voters

If you were to base your evidence on the dialogue happening in the recent Republican primaries, you might assume that every conservative Christian in America is standing at the ready, preparing to cast their ballot for the craziest candidate, whomever s/he may be, come November. But in fact, there are millions of… »2/28/12 11:40am2/28/12 11:40am

Christian Version of 'Super Bass' Ironically Lacking in Soul

When you hear the Nicki Minaj hit 'Super Bass,' what's the first thing you think? Needs more Jesus and chastity references, right? Well, some plucky Christian college students took it upon themselves to give you exactly what you prayed for. Presenting "Super Grace," brought to you by PTL (Praise the Lord!) Productions. »1/06/12 2:00pm1/06/12 2:00pm

Holy Vibrators Make Sex A Religious Experience

When one thinks of a devout religious couple in bed together — as one so often does — giant, throbbing dildos and risqué lingerie aren't usually part of the picture. But that's about to change, thanks to a growing number of websites that have started selling religion-approved sex toys. These smart God-trepeneurs have… »12/30/11 7:00pm12/30/11 7:00pm

Heathen Pink Bibles Pulled From Shelves Due To Nefarious Planned Parenthood Connection

Nearly every product imaginable, from Band-Aids to KitchenAid mixers, is now available in pink, and Americans are constantly encouraged to buy these items to support the fight against breast cancer. So why is a Christian bookstore furiously pulling pink Bibles from its shelves? Because they raise money for the Susan… »12/16/11 9:50am12/16/11 9:50am

Christian Group Pressures Lowe's Into Pulling Ads From All-American Muslim

The whole point of TLC's All-American Muslim — which follows families living in Dearborn, Michigan — is to humanize folks who live in the U.S. and practice Islam. They have close-knit relationships, love football, and feel anxious about the first day of school, just like any other Americans. But home improvement… »12/12/11 11:20am12/12/11 11:20am