Turns Out Christchurch Sits On A Previously Undiscovered Earthquake Fault Line

The confirmed death toll from the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, now stands at 71 — but Prime Minister John Key has warned that it is expected to rise. This morning, local time, Police reported that no additional people were found alive in the rubble overnight. Many buildings have been flattened, and some… »2/23/11 4:48pm2/23/11 4:48pm

Over 100 People Are Believed Buried In The New Zealand Earthquake

Christchurch, New Zealand, February 22, 2011 — Office workers are evacuated from downtown Christchuch following a devastating earthquake. The death toll, currently 65, is expected to rise. (The childhood friend of one of my friends is among the dead. He was 24.) Mayor Bob Parker says more than 100 people are believed… »2/22/11 2:30pm2/22/11 2:30pm