Jennifer Aniston's Makeup Free Face and Looking 'Naturally Beautiful'

Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist/BFF Chris McMillan posted a photo of the two of them on his Instagram feed over the weekend of the Friend allegedly san makeup. It's a sharp contrast to Aniston's face in the recent Aveeno advertisements for a face lotion that will "reduce the look of brown spots" because it has… »8/06/13 1:00pm8/06/13 1:00pm


Suri Cruise's Clothing Line Is Our Fearsome New Reality

Now that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have been away from the Xenu madness and securely ensconced in the filthy bosom of Manhattan for some time, the 7-year-old child can go about having a totally normal childhood. Which now involves ghost-designing a fashion line that's worth more than Reese Witherspoon's new property »5/11/13 11:30am5/11/13 11:30am