Mitt Romney's Cokeface, and Other Interesting Moments From Last Night's Boring Ass Debate

Last night, President Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in Denver, in what will likely go down in history as some of the most boring 90 minutes in the history of American television. It was scoreless high school soccer game boring. It was oil change repair shop vintage issue of Reader's Digest with country sensation… »10/04/12 11:30am10/04/12 11:30am

Today's News Is Brought To You By Andy Samberg's Soiled Pants

It used to be that this venerable feature was inspired by the news, hangovers, and/or funny pictures. But The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins and I have a new muse — or, to be fair, a couple of million of new muses harmed in the filming of SNL's digital short "Jizz In My Pants" (embedded after the jump). There's just… »12/08/08 10:00am12/08/08 10:00am

The Economy Sucks, Condi Has No Advice And Saxby Chambliss Is A Perv

  • Now that it's been a full year of shitty economic news, we are officially in a recession and have been for a year. Aren't you glad to know? [MSNBC]
  • The market is not glad to know, and it slid almost 700 points after learning the obvious. [NY Times]
  • In other obvious news, Condoleezza Rice doesn't plan to give much…
  • »12/01/08 6:30pm12/01/08 6:30pm

Rahm Sightings, Ted Stevens, Secretaries Of State, And Other Political Obsessions

With only two more Senate races left to watch, an Administration to staff and a country to help out of a financial crisis, Rahm Emanuel took some time out yesterday to speak to a bunch of CEOs, and have dinner in the vicinity of The Daily Beast »11/19/08 10:00am11/19/08 10:00am's . What he said, who he was with and all the important details are after…

Decision 2008: The Top Ten Campaign Objects Of Our Affection

Ever since the Obama Girl declared late last year that she has a crush on Obama »10/27/08 2:00pm10/27/08 2:00pm, we've felt a certain freedom to admit that Barack Obama is hot. I mean, who among us doesn't want to be that baby? Unfortunately, Senator Obama's allure keeps people from noticing many of the other crush-worthy objects of our collective…

Rachel Maddow Rejoices: Obama Has 21 Point Surge Among White Women

Even though many thought Sarah Palin's inclusion on the GOP ticket was a ploy to get disaffected Clintonistas to vote for McCain, the latest poll »9/19/08 9:30am9/19/08 9:30am from and the shows that Obama now has a 2 point edge over McCain when it comes to white female voters — up from last week. Obama is now far ahead of McCain among women in…

My Inexplicable Love For Chris Matthews Explained By "The John Mayer Effect"

The dudes over on men.style.com have noted a curious phenomenon »8/29/08 12:00pm8/29/08 12:00pm they've dubbed The John Mayer Effect. TJME is when a celebrity looks like a douche, walks like a douche, talks like a douche…and yet you find them totally endearing. You certainly know better, but you can't help yourself. I identified with TJME because…

"Clintons 4 McCain" Crazy Takes On Chris Matthews, Has Minor Meltdown

Megan is — I believe — still on a flight from Atlanta to Denver ( with Charles Barkley »8/25/08 6:30pm8/25/08 6:30pm, no less) but she'll be blogging (and, no doubt, drinking) once the DNC gets fully underway and Michelle Obama takes the stage. Until then, take in this clip of Clinton-loving, McCain-voting, hair-tossing Clintons 4 McCain founder…