Demi Lovato Wants You To Know Miley Cyrus Can Be A Total Bitch

As everyone knows, best friends are awesome. But an unfortunate caveat of the special bond is that you're probably going to get into a vicious, emotional knockdown fight at some stage – hitting each other where you know it'll hurt the most. Well, Miley Cyrus is really good at that according to on-again/off-again… »1/05/12 9:00am1/05/12 9:00am

Here's That Chris Crocker Documentary You Didn't Ask For

If you're reading this, it means you're on this website, which means you are aware of the internet and therefore are most likely familiar with Chris Crocker, also known as the weepy dude who, in 2007, shouted three very special words: "Leave Britney alone!" And now, Me At The Zoo — titled after the first video ever… »8/11/11 6:10pm8/11/11 6:10pm