Christine O'Donnell Now A Feminist. Sort Of.

Christine O'Donnell, meet Krystal Ball, who knows a thing or two about how to play the publication of "embarrassing" photos or material. But judging from O'Donnell's response to the publication of her ladybug-costumed makeout, maybe she already knows what's up. » 10/29/10 10:54am 10/29/10 10:54am

Christine O'Donnell Doesn't Know Much, But She Knows She's Winning

You guys, Christine O'Donnell is totally going to win, no matter what those stupid polls say. And when she does, she's super psyched to reach across the aisle and work with Democratic Senators. Like, um ... » 10/21/10 11:56am 10/21/10 11:56am

The Republican "Mean Girls" Who Are Good On TV

Hoping to remind women who is at least nominally on our side, the White House will issue a report about its own efforts on equal pay. But why talk about substance when we could just talk about Mean Girls? » 10/18/10 10:02am 10/18/10 10:02am

5 Uncanny Palin Imitations From Christine O'Donnell

Yesterday's Delaware Senate debate showed how much Christine O'Donnell has learned from her Mama Grizzly mentor, Sarah Palin. Here, five ways she read from Palin's playbook. » 10/14/10 10:06am 10/14/10 10:06am