Domestic Abuser Released from Jail, Murders Woman He Was Convicted of Abusing, Two Other Exes

A Canadian man imprisoned for choking a woman two years ago was released in December. Months later, he’s accused of murdering that woman and two others, all believed to be his ex-girlfriends. New reports have also revealed that the suspect, Basil Borutski, had a long history of violent and disturbing behavior against… »9/25/15 4:45pm9/25/15 4:45pm


Jian Ghomeshi Reporter's New Tell-All Book Upsets Victims 

It’s been seven months since the first allegations that Jian Ghomeshi is a sexually abusive creep surfaced, and six since he surrendered to police after being charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. Now, one reporter who investigated him is writing a “tell-all” book, which the second… »5/06/15 11:30am5/06/15 11:30am

Lana Del Rey's 'Controversial' New Single Cover Is Just Boring

Lana Del Rey just released the cover art for her new single "Blue Jeans" (click at left to enlarge) and—oh, boy—is it controversial! Or it's boring and trying too hard. Either way, she's being choked. Or maybe she's being caressed. Or maybe the heavily tattooed hand is checking her pulse? Oh, the ambiguity! She really… »3/16/12 3:40pm3/16/12 3:40pm