Spring Got Sprung All Over the Red Carpet. Finally.

Last night in Santa Monica, CA, celebs gathered for the the 3rd Annual Coach Evening to benefit Children's Defense Fund. There were lots of Coach bags — possibly thrust upon the stars just so they'd be photographed? — but also delightful floral dresses, fun shoes and pretty hair. Good-bye winter, hello spring, you… » 4/11/13 1:15pm 4/11/13 1:15pm

Even Straight Guys Want to Fuck Joe Manganiello, Says Channing Tatum

While straight women and 'mos have already cleared out the spank bank to make room for the visual sexcellence sure to come out of Channing Tatum's upcoming stripperiffic film, Magic Mike, he says straight guys shouldn't overlook it. "People say that women and the gay community will go see it — knock on wood," he said.… » 5/18/12 9:00am 5/18/12 9:00am

Adele Doesn’t Give a Fat Fuck What Karl Lagerfeld Thinks About Her Body

First Karl Lagerfeld said she was "too fat" and then he came out and apologized, saying that his words were taken out of context and he too knew the sting of being vilified for your weight in the press. But Adele has come forward to say she couldn't give a fat fuck one way or the other because she's never aspired to… » 2/09/12 9:00am 2/09/12 9:00am

Chloë Sevigny Thinks Her Clothes Could Help Snooki

Chloë Sevigny says Jersey Shore is "embarrassing, and I think it's kind of diminishing our culture," but unlike Abercrombie & Fitch, she wouldn't try to stop anyone from wearing the clothing she designs. (Sevigny has a line with Opening Ceremony.) "I read somewhere that Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay The Situation… » 11/09/11 11:50am 11/09/11 11:50am

Step Inside Chloe Sevigny’s Magical, Mystical Runway Show

"I wanted you to come in and be transported back to the way you felt when you were a teenager," explained Sevigny after the show, fanning herself with a press release. "Even little tiny things - the cinder blocks, the color blue of the walls. Anything that would trigger the senses to that time when you're… » 6/11/11 6:45pm 6/11/11 6:45pm