Last Night Liz Phair Descended On The Pampered Aging Nineties Theme Park That Is New York And Today We IM-ed About It

Yesterday Jessica and I went to see the musician Liz Phair play an intimate concert in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the highly underappreciated cult album Exile In Guyville. The crowd was somewhat disappointingly subdued, chiefly because they couldn't really sing along word-for-word as one usually does in… »6/26/08 2:20pm6/26/08 2:20pm

Yeah, People Wore Condoms…When The Naked Gun Was In Theaters!

Remember how, like, back in the day people were so super vigilant about wearing condoms? I grew up in the eighties and think I learned about condoms before I learned about sex. But anyhow, times change and a new survey out says 40% of New Yorkers did not use condoms during their last sexual encounter. This shocked my… »6/25/08 2:30pm6/25/08 2:30pm

Race Relations: What's So Wrong About A Rich White Woman Interested In "Africa"?

A few weeks ago, Latoya Peterson, editor of the blog Racialicious, emailed me to proffer compliments over the success of the site and talk about Jezebel's coverage of racial issues, which, she explained, she wasn't particularly thrilled with. After a few email exchanges, I called her, and we talked for what seemed… »5/07/08 3:20pm5/07/08 3:20pm

Reasons To Love Animal Planet: Hot Guys, Badass Broads, Cute Creatures

Was holiday travel a bitch for you this year? It was for me. In fact, the only thing (besides a stiff drink) that helped me endure my joke of a JetBlue flight out of JFK was the on-board entertainment system. Specifically: Animal Planet. I bring this up for two reasons. The first: 2 hours into my six-hour marathon… »12/28/07 12:30pm12/28/07 12:30pm

Legendary Watergate Reporter Wonders: Is Britney Spears Taking The Nation's IQ Down With Her?

OMG the news is awesome today! It started when Carl Bernstein of Woodward & Bernstein i.e. Dustin Hoffman from that movie with Robert Redford, said something like celebrity culture had made everyone in America totally braindead (and also stupid!) and well, it carried on from there. We've got pothead CEOs, crackhead… »11/02/07 10:00am11/02/07 10:00am

We Read The Morning Papers, So You Can Continue To Feel Good About Not Doing It Yourselves

This morning, the Anonymous Lobbyist and I decided to have a very serious discussion about the serious news we'd read over the weekend and I decided to paste its contents here because I'm lazy and almost pathologically indecisive. Click the jump to watch us feebly discuss the upcoming US American election, that epic… »10/29/07 9:30am10/29/07 9:30am

It's Official: Feminists As Good In The Bedroom As The Boardroom

A new study has us simultaneously thinking "Yay!" and "Duh." Research conducted by Laurie Rudman and Julie Phelan from Rutgers University finds that feminism may actually improve heterosexual sex and relationships and that there isn't much truth to stereotypes of feminists being unattractive and sexually unappealing.… »10/16/07 3:30pm10/16/07 3:30pm

Bill Maher Agrees With 'Facebook': Breasts Are For Fondling, Not Feeding

On Friday night, comedian/talk show host Bill Maher closed his HBO program Real Time With Bill Maher with a monologue (clip above) about breast-feeding that was simultaneously hilarious, honest and predictably sexist. Not surprisingly, some women are up in arms about it. (For one, Maher compared breastfeeding to… »9/17/07 4:00pm9/17/07 4:00pm

Our "Barbie Electric Chair" Is A Bust; We Interview The Inventor

Remember how we promised to construct our own Barbie electric chair this weekend? Well, we failed miserably. The epoxy was hard to work with and we were sawing away for like three hours trying to cut up pieces of wood (and slicing open some flesh in the process), but we weren't able to fry Barbie in the manner we… »9/10/07 2:00pm9/10/07 2:00pm