Chipotle Tortillas Are Made From 350-Pound Tortilla Dough Balls, Wow 

A fact about Chipotle—which, along with Clickhole, is the only American institution that retains my trust—is that the company uses over 800,000 tortillas per day. (Numbers like that really put life in perspective, as well as the fact that, usually, only one of those tortillas is for me.) » 6/16/15 5:30pm 6/16/15 5:30pm

Chipotle Unveils What Exactly is in Their Guacamole

Chipotle has been having quite a year. The chain restaurant known for making burritos the size of a newborn child has already been the center of hype surrounding a presidential campaign, was the scene of an actress’ deception and just last week announced plans to stop using GMOs. Now, these rapscallions are trying to… » 5/03/15 7:15pm 5/03/15 7:15pm

Genius Gina Rodriguez Once Faked a Pregnancy To Skip a Chipotle Line

There are plenty of ways to hack your Chipotle experience. You could order a veggie burrito to get free guacamole, ask for free tortillas or taco shells on the side if you order a bowl, or get the infamous quesarito and make everyone behind you mad. But all of those are stomach-related tricks, and will do nothing to… » 4/24/15 4:10pm 4/24/15 4:10pm