Ryan Lochte's Sister Says She Was Just Pretending to Be a Racist in Horrible Interview

Megan Lochte is now claiming that the bigotry extravaganza she brought to a 2008 appearance as a "field correspondent" on local Maryland talkshow Closing Time, hosted by comedian Mickey Cucchiella wasn't genuine, and she's actually a bastion of racial tolerance, Hostess treats and general goodwill. »8/25/12 12:00pm8/25/12 12:00pm


Want to Sell Your Eggs to Pay for College? Be Asian.

Are you a pretty Asian girl who is good at math? Your eggs might be worth about a downpayment on a decent condo. Are you black, white, or Hispanic? Sorry, but the best egg donation centers can give you for your reproductive cells is enough to buy a sort of decent used compact car with about 75,000 miles on it. Also,… »5/04/12 2:40pm5/04/12 2:40pm