Designers Now Just Overtly Pandering To Pop Stars

While perusing images of the recently concluded fashion weeks in Portugal, Thailand, and China (because that's what normal people do in their free time rather than actually interact with other human beings), I came to a startling realization: while it's always been the case that fashion's had a side to it that seems… » 3/27/11 2:03pm 3/27/11 2:03pm

Let's Have A Hand (Or Three) For Fashion Week

[Beijing, October 27: A model holding a fake arm takes part in a fashion show entitled "Tyre-Toy-Fashion Zhang Wei Collection" during China Fashion Week. Image via AP.] » 10/28/10 5:03pm 10/28/10 5:03pm

Clumpy Mascara Is The Least Of This Model's Concerns

[Beijing, October 25: A model takes part in the Eonfashion award, a make-up styling contest held as part of China Fashion week. Image via AP.] » 10/26/10 1:10pm 10/26/10 1:10pm