Former Bush Propagandist Scott McClellan's Book Uses Term "Propaganda," "Sounds Like A Left-Wing Blogger"

If there was a Bush administration official who was as painful to listen to as Bush himself — and that is probably scientifically impossible but humor us for a second — it was Scott McClellan. Dana Perino is dumb but so prettily, unabashedly so, Victoria Clarke always had those insane purple suits, Rumsfeld made his… »5/28/08 10:30am5/28/08 10:30am

Chinese Fashion Magazines' Tribute To Earthquake Victims Not Exactly "Tasteful"

You know how we like to get all outraged when Vogue runs a photo shoot featuring lithe models in depressed impoverished regions of the world? Well, things work differently in China. You can have your entire magazine shut down and your staff sent away to "rectification" camp for offensive shit like that. And by "like… »5/21/08 6:00pm5/21/08 6:00pm