Humans Will Screw Ourselves Over in the Name of Fairness

Ugh, is there any more frustrating childhood cliche than "Well, life isn't fair"? When you're trying to tell your mom about something that totally seriously is not fair, like how she loaned your VHS of Beauty and the Beast to the neighbor kid whose parents were getting divorced and then they moved away and now you'll… » 8/24/12 6:15pm 8/24/12 6:15pm

Genius Chimp Is Smarter Than You With Your Dumb Human Brain

Ayumu is an 11-year-old chimpanzee raised at Kyoto University in Japan. He is also a total braniac that can solve difficult numerical puzzles in 60 milliseconds. Oh, boy. This is how Rise of the Planet of the Apes starts, isn't it?

Chimp Prodigy Can Solve Memory Puzzle In 60 Milliseconds
[Buzzfeed] » 2/10/12 5:30pm 2/10/12 5:30pm

Martha Stewart & Jane Goodall's Goofy Gorilla Greetings Sound Like…

Dr. Jane Goodall was on Martha Stewart's show this morning, and she greeted Martha with traditional ape sounds, which Martha emulated. While these noises come naturally to gorillas and chimpanzees, the ladies sounded like they were having intense orgasms. Afterward, Dr. Goodall showed Martha another ape greeting,… » 9/18/08 3:30pm 9/18/08 3:30pm

The Secret Sex Lives of Female Chimpanzees

Leaving aside the strangeness of a research project that involves watching monkeys fucking all day, scientists studying chimpanzees in Uganda have made the interesting discovery that our closest animal relatives know when to be discreet about their sex lives. Although female chimps will advertise that they're in… » 6/18/08 12:45pm 6/18/08 12:45pm