Woman Goes on Trial for Alleged 'Magic Cheese' Scam

Turn your eyes to France, justice enthusiasts, because there’s quite a case unfolding across the Atlantic. A woman is currently on trial for allegedly bilking people out of hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars, with pie-in-the-sky promises they could make and sell fancy cheeses to French beauty product… » 6/08/15 5:40pm 6/08/15 5:40pm

*Trigger Warning* 11 Year-old Girl Forced to Carry Pregnancy (from Rape) to Term in Chile

You guys, being a feminist in Chile is hard. Abortion is illegal (in ALL CASES), we are always seeing some new story in the news about a woman killed by her abusive husband, one time a facebook (female) friend said feminism was just an unfortunate trend. And then THIS SHIT HAPPENED. » 7/10/13 10:02pm 7/10/13 10:02pm