Mattel Doll Preaches The Gospel Of Hair Removal

The doll Clawdeen Wolf of Mattel's Monster High line has a disproportionate, Bratz-like body, short skirt, and midriff-baring top, but that isn't why some people are protesting the doll. It's because Clawdeen's character description reads: » 3/17/11 9:30am 3/17/11 9:30am

These Sexy Toys Make Our Childhoods Cry

We already knew Strawberry Shortcake was a sexy goner, but — et tu, Tinkerbell? In this brave new world, every childhood icon is lissome and dressed in tight jeans. And when she's not? Well, let's just say these fairies must have a good waxer. We're not even going to talk about the sexy horse. See the whole gallery … » 3/10/11 6:30pm 3/10/11 6:30pm

How To Turn A Doll Into An Action Figure

"Action figures" and "dolls" tend to be pose-able and non-pose-able, respectively, reflecting the idea that boys are encouraged to be active agents and girls passive objects. So j_l_larson devised a way to make girl toys that can do things. » 1/04/11 6:30pm 1/04/11 6:30pm

Warning: This 1975 Kenner Play Set Is Haunted

This vintage Tree Tots Amusement Park is available on eBay for just $297, but there is a catch: If you leave it out at night, "when you wake up the play house is most definitely played with by the supernatural." » 10/28/10 10:50am 10/28/10 10:50am

Teens Who Have Sex Will Not Necessarily Become Delinquents

Good news: Teens who have sex might just fare alright in their lives! The bad news is that they're probably still going to hell. » 8/16/10 1:05pm 8/16/10 1:05pm

Dangerously Precocious 12-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Drunk Driving

A 12-year-old girl was arrested in Minnesota after cops caught her drunk driving late Saturday. Apparently, she ended up behind the wheel after a 19-year-old man she met at a party asked her to drive him home. » 8/13/10 12:32pm 8/13/10 12:32pm

Your First Grade Self Might Be Your True Self

According to a study conducted at the University of California, Riverside, the personality traits we exhibit at the age of 7 or so are the very same personality traits we carry throughout our lives. [Yahoo] » 8/08/10 1:30pm 8/08/10 1:30pm

More Women Aren't Having Children—But Which Women?

Following a recent discussion of the trend of women having children at older ages, the Pew Research Center also just released data on women who do not have children. » 6/28/10 5:00pm 6/28/10 5:00pm

Female Characters In Toy Story Don't Get Much Play

Toy Story 3 opens on a woman-empowerment high, with Mrs. Potato-Head displaying mad train-robbing skills and cowgirl Jessie skillfully steering her faithful horse Bullseye in the ensuing chase. And that's the end of that. » 6/25/10 1:30pm 6/25/10 1:30pm

Who Needs Clothes When Crewcuts Kids Are So Freaking Cute?

Take a deep breath and get ready for an ovary-explosion, because the folks at J. Crew's Crewcuts have cast some adorable little whippersnappers. Free shipping! » 6/11/10 5:00pm 6/11/10 5:00pm

"Dilly Dally In Pussy Park": We Want To Go To There.

Even beyond the amazing title, this Soviet-era Latvian cartoon is compulsory viewing: not just mesmerically odd and strangely beautiful in its muted palette, but set to a score that morphs at minute 3 into awesome prog-rock. [YouTube via BoingBoing] » 6/10/10 12:20pm 6/10/10 12:20pm

Parents: Playing Favorites Bad For Kids

"With Mother's Day around the corner, new research is shedding some light on what happens when a parent — particularly the mother — gives more time or attention or privileges to one of the children." Findings? It's harmful. [USAToday] » 5/05/10 10:20am 5/05/10 10:20am

Doll With Robot Penis Pees On Dad

In this British commercial, a dad tickles his daughter's Baby Pirulin Pee Pee to make him stop laughing, then his "little willy moves" and he pees in dad's eye. "Naughty, naughty, naughty," is right. [Buzzfeed] » 4/08/10 11:20am 4/08/10 11:20am

Hooker Doll "Stinks Of Cheap Whiskey And Sex"

Regretsy shoppers, tread lightly: This seemingly innocent porcelain doll, said to be possessed by the malevolent spirit of an 18th century hussy, is not playing. [Regretsy via BuzzFeed] » 3/30/10 7:30pm 3/30/10 7:30pm