An Oasis of Racially Diverse Television Is Right Under Our Noses

Lack of diversity on HBO's Girls, the surprise success of Scandal and racist rants over the casting of The Hunger Games share a pervasive theme that runs among these and many other conversations: The limited exposure and roles for actresses of color and more specifically, the belief that audiences won't identify… »5/30/12 7:00pm5/30/12 7:00pm

Lawmaker: Kids' TV Needs Fewer "Pink And Princessy" Girls

We get a bit jealous anytime we hear about a nation in which all political candidates have a solid grasp on reality, but it's particularly depressing that we can't vote for British MP Jo Swinson. The 31-year-old Liberal Democrat led the effort to restrict airbrushing in advertisements, and now she's speaking out… »7/25/11 9:50am7/25/11 9:50am