Halloween Jerk to Hand Out Notes Telling Trick or Treaters They're Fat

A local busybody in Fargo, North Dakota has decided to take America's child obesity epidemic on herself this Halloween by only giving candy to the trick or treaters she deems thin enough to deserve candy. The rest of the kids — those the woman deems "moderately obese" — get notes telling their parents to stop having… »10/30/13 10:00am10/30/13 10:00am

Because We Don't Hate Fat Kids Enough, The Biggest Loser Now Has Teenage Contestants

The Biggest Loser, NBC's cash cow "reality" hit that teaches grown-ass men and women to hate the fat away, is now allowing teens on the show. I think their new tagline is, "Because adults shouldn't be the only one running on treadmills until they puke." There's no better way to get children on the fast track to eating… »12/12/12 10:40am12/12/12 10:40am

New York City Puts Public School Students on a Diet, Because the Kids are Too Damn Fat

Want to hear something depressing? According to teachers' estimates, two-thirds of students in some public schools rely on school lunch as their primary source of caloric intake. Want to hear something else depressing (YES!) According to government data, between 16 and 33% of American children and teens are obese.… »9/04/12 6:50pm9/04/12 6:50pm

Jillian Michaels to Return to Biggest Loser and Direct Her Steely Focus on Kids

The Biggest Loser returns in January, and this time around, the program is "going after" childhood obesity. Trainer Jillian Michaels left the show in May 2011, but she's coming back to tackle overweight kids. Usually, The Biggest Loser is a weight-loss competition, with participants partially disrobing stepping on a… »9/04/12 2:25pm9/04/12 2:25pm

Rates of Obesity in Kids Are Down… But Poverty, Pollution and Lack of Sleep Make Things Worse

The statistics tell us that one in six U.S. children are obese, and one in three are overweight. And when you look at an obesity map alongside a poverty map, you get the sense that the two are related. A new study in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics finds facts that support this theory. »5/01/12 12:50pm5/01/12 12:50pm

Disney Prematurely Indefinitely Delays Controversial Fat Shameland

A Walt Disney World exhibit on childhood obesity has been closed prematurely after fat acceptance groups pointed out that way the exhibit depicts fat people is totally hateful and fucked up. Disney claims it was just trying to encourage kids to be healthier. Those against the childhood obesity exhibit say that it… »3/01/12 4:20pm3/01/12 4:20pm

11-Year-Old Girl From Anti-Obesity Ads Has No Regrets

Last year, the state of Georgia started running "Stop Child Obesity" ads featuring real-live kids employed as child actors. But, of course, the part the kids are playing — that of an overweight child — mirrors reality. Chloe McSwain, one of the kids on billboards and in commercials, has fantastic self-esteem: "I'm… »1/20/12 2:00pm1/20/12 2:00pm

Lawmakers Fight To Keep School Lunches Cheap & Disgusting

Spurred by concern over childhood obesity, for the first time in 15 years the federal government has proposed changes to the school-lunch program that would make cafeteria food less gruel-like. As evidenced by their notorious love of kissing babies, politicians are extremely concerned about the well-being of American… »11/02/11 2:25pm11/02/11 2:25pm