Our Earliest Ideas of Sex Are Stupid and Beautiful 

When I was 10 years old, I knew both very little about sex and also more than I should have. I hadn’t had “the talk” with my parents yet, and sex hadn’t been covered in school. But I knew that the general idea of sex meant a penis going inside a vagina—my world, as is true for the majority of kids in America, was very… »11/06/15 12:30pm11/06/15 12:30pm


Here Are the Most Painful Ways to Learn That Santa Doesn't Exist

I'm going to start with the story of how I learned that Santa didn't exist. It's not a happy story, as these types of stories generally aren't, but I'm laughing about it now. And I hope that the people whose stories were compiled into a list of painful revelations on Buzzfeed are laughing too. Or at least have a good… »12/24/14 5:00pm12/24/14 5:00pm

Don't Buy All The Pies At Burger King To Spite A Child, You Asshole

By now you likely have encountered this thing, currently wending its way across the internet. In short, the story goes that the guy—a redditor (of course) known as thr111—spited the whiny, out-of-control child and distracted, defensive mother behind him in line at Burger King by purchasing every pie left in the… »8/07/14 1:59pm8/07/14 1:59pm

What Bizarre and Depraved Things Did You Subject Your Barbies To?

If you have been on the Internet in the past few weeks, it's likely been brought to your attention that Barbie, a little hunk of plastic shaped like a woman with synthetic hair on it, appeared in Sports Illustrated. Many feminists see this unholy union as a perfect reification of the problems with both crumbling… »2/21/14 1:20pm2/21/14 1:20pm

The Glorious, Unmitigated Hysteria of the American Girl Doll Store

"This place is three floors? Oh my God," a wide-eyed dad let slip after taking a quick pic of his gleeful daughter. "Holy cow," he added a moment later, still unable to process what he'd gotten himself into. Clearly someone had not been properly prepared for the sublime majesty of the Fifth Avenue American Girl Place. »12/19/13 4:05pm12/19/13 4:05pm

My Daughter Was Teased for Wearing 'Boy' Shoes on the Soccer Field

Today, during a soccer game, a kid on the opposing team made fun of my four year old daughter's 'boy' shoes. I am so sick of this shit I could scream. It is crazy to me that people actually say, actually believe it's "natural" for girls "want" pink stuff. My God, I'm honestly surprised my daughter has stuck with her… »10/30/13 6:20pm10/30/13 6:20pm

Super Brave Woman Tumbls Diary From Her Slut-Shamed Adolescence

Once you get some chronological and emotional distance from the arbitrary cruelty of middle school, it's easy to write off your tormentors because these days they're posting Facebook selfies of themselves drinking sizzurp as their toddler watches Caillou in the background. But that shit, in real time, was rough. »4/27/13 1:30pm4/27/13 1:30pm

Being the Last One Picked in Gym Class Really Messes You Up

I was deemed hopelessly unathletic by a jury of elementary schoolers when I was six years old — before I ever had a chance to learn how to kick or dribble or catch — because I was the tiniest girl in my class. I'll never forget how it felt to be picked last by my peers during P.E., day after day, year after year, the… »2/19/13 2:00pm2/19/13 2:00pm

Child Brides Are the Heartbreaking Subjects of Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair’s Eight-Year Project

Today, October 11, 2012, heralds the first International Day of the Girl Child, which the United Nations Population Fund, working in concert with VII Photo, will observe with an exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York featuring photography and video productions from Jessica Dimmock and Stephanie… »10/11/12 9:15pm10/11/12 9:15pm