Men Delivering Babies: The End of a Two-Century Fad 

When I was pregnant for the first time, I insisted on a male obstetrician. I believed that men had better reflexes, performed better under pressure, and were more technically competent than women. I thought that for the same reason I used to think God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, the same reason I thought… » 7/08/15 4:10pm 7/08/15 4:10pm

Anti-Abortion Groups Super Confused that NARAL President is Pregnant

Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, chose to make a pretty stupendous birth announcement today, via a big story in the Washington Post. Hogue, 45, is pregnant with twins, due to give birth in July, and just really, really freaking out anti-abortion activists who don’t get how such a thing might… » 6/08/15 8:05pm 6/08/15 8:05pm

New Moms: Maybe Don't Eat Your Placenta 

Any woman who has ever spent ten minutes in an OB’s waiting room flipping through free pregnancy magazines is likely familiar with the trend of ingesting placenta. Usually dried and turned into pill form, advocates of “placental consumption” have long argued that eating the placenta helps women make a speedier… » 6/06/15 1:45pm 6/06/15 1:45pm

Elon Musk Denies Scolding Employee for Missing Work for Birth of Child

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is disputing two particularly bizarre quotes in the new biography of him written by business journalist Ashlee Vance: that he once referred to himself as a “samurai,” and that he chided an employee for missing work due to the birth of his child. Musk called the childbirth quote “total BS” on… » 5/12/15 12:10pm 5/12/15 12:10pm

W. Virginia Republican: Rape Is Bad, But It Can Make 'Beautiful' Kids

Dear God, it's like they're actively trying to get us to insult them: yet another Republican politician has argued against allowing rape survivors to get abortions, because while rape is "obviously awful," the children it can potentially produce are beautiful. Yep. Nothing lovelier than a forced pregnancy. » 2/06/15 12:45pm 2/06/15 12:45pm

Watch Some Dudes Witness the Miracle of Childbirth for the First Time

Childbirth is one messy, horrible, beautiful, painful, awe-inspiring, bodily fluid geyser of a shitshow. As a twenty-something with no intention of starting a family anytime soon, it absolutely terrifies me. So let's watch some dudes watch some childbirth so I can feel better about my own fears regarding the miracle… » 9/01/14 6:20pm 9/01/14 6:20pm

Olympic Skier's Custody Battle Wins Gold Medal In WTF

It's a classic love story — boy meets girl. Girl gets pregnant. Boy and Girl break up. Girl moves to a different state for college. Boy sues Girl for custody of the fetus. Court rules Fetus belongs with Boy. Girl forced to give Fetus to Boy and Boy's New Wife. Boy is Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller. Classic. Love.… » 11/25/13 3:45pm 11/25/13 3:45pm

California Makes Getting An Abortion Less of a Pain in the Ass

Thanks to the efforts of conservatives who got elected based on lying to the electorate about knowing how to do stuff like "create jobs" and "fix the economy" (LOL), it's been a generation since getting an abortion was this big a pain in the ass — albeit not as big a pain in the ass as carrying a pregnancy for 9… » 10/10/13 2:10pm 10/10/13 2:10pm

Kate Middleton Brutally Kills a Zillion Dumb Baby Weight Loss Articles

Ever since Kate Middleton gave birth to Baby King George this July, tabloid writers have been eagerly sharpening their cattiest claws in preparation for snarking on the Royal's post-baby body. Kate even rhymes with WEIGHT, you guys! And her last name contains the word "TON!" THIS WILL BE THE MEANEST POST-BABY… » 9/23/13 3:25pm 9/23/13 3:25pm