Pregnant Women Undergoing Methadone Treatment Caught in a Lose-Lose Struggle to Shake Addiction and Keep Their Kids

Methadone maintenance is the treatment of choice for addicts trying to wean themselves off opiates, but, for pregnant women, methadone can provide judges and caseworkers with the evidence needed to arbitrarily separate recovering addicts from their children. The Daily Beast's Rachel Blustain chronicles the struggle… »9/02/12 3:30pm9/02/12 3:30pm


State Dicks Over Hundreds Of Native American Children

Imagine having social workers show up to your home to take your twin babies because someone spread an unsubstantiated rumor that you were abusing prescription drugs. Two months later, your two young daughters don't come home on the bus, and later you learn they were taken from school and put in foster care. Yeah, this »10/26/11 11:30am10/26/11 11:30am