Ashton Kutcher Blasts The Village Voice On Twitter

Ashton Kutcher has responded to the Village Voice's takedown of reported numbers on child sex trafficking, which also criticized his advocacy work. » 6/30/11 4:35pm 6/30/11 4:35pm

The Trouble With Child Sex Trafficking Statistics

The Village Voice Media-owned City Pages has published a 3,000-word cover story debunking recent numbers showing a rise in child sex trafficking online. While it's quite damning to the group that put together the "study," the company is hardly an impartial actor here: Its has long been the target of… » 3/24/11 10:26am 3/24/11 10:26am

Natural Food CEO Arrested For Child Prostitution

The founder of Whole Foods competitor Wild Oats has been arrested on child prostitution charges. Will his current company lose its virtuous image? » 2/14/11 3:22pm 2/14/11 3:22pm

Frying Pan Into The Fire: Former Child Prostitutes Have Nowhere To Turn

Experts say former child prostitutes need "24/7 residential care for a long period of time." But with over 100,000 kids competing for 44 beds nationwide, many are out of luck. » 12/08/09 6:30pm 12/08/09 6:30pm

Nita, far left, is 13 years old, and is readying herself to lose her virginity to a stranger and become a prostitute. The man who will eventually have sex with her for the first time could — her family hopes — pay as much as $1,200 for the "right" to her virginity, and, according to this article, "can have access to… » 4/15/08 10:45am 4/15/08 10:45am