Vanity Fair Dove Deep Into Kelly Rutherford's Custody Battle, and I'm Still So Confused

We all know the story by now. Or, if we don’t know the story, we at least know the headlines: Kelly Rutherford has spent the last few years of her life—and just about all of her money—trying to keep her kids in the United States and out of Monaco, where their father, Daniel Giersch, resides. The saga has been popping… »10/08/15 3:30pm10/08/15 3:30pm


When Rapists Seek Joint Custody of the Children They Father Through Rape, Everyone Loses

Contrary to the wild imaginings of Rep. Todd Akin's fevered brain, women can and do get pregnant as a result of rape, a reality that's horrible enough to think about even without this extra bitter layer: some rapists successfully sue for joint custody of the children they have violently fathered. Though instances of… »8/24/12 10:00am8/24/12 10:00am

Military Moms Forced To Choose Between Serving Their Country & Saving Their Kids

Being a mother is complicated — but it's a complete mess when you throw armed forces and ex-husbands into the mix. ABC News has a story today about military moms who face battles both in war — and in the custody of their children. Molly Moriarty, who is in the Navy, went to Kuwait in December 2005. Within three weeks,… »10/23/07 2:30pm10/23/07 2:30pm