Chihuahuas Get All Fancied Up for 'Dog Vogue' Photo Shoot

People dress their pets up. It's weird and sort of barbaric if you think about it for too long, but it's just a thing people do because people are just overdeveloped primates, so vain about their thumbs and brains that they can't help making fun of other creatures for their not knowing how to use tools well enough to… »1/05/14 6:00pm1/05/14 6:00pm


California Wants to Unload Its Abandoned Chihuahuas on New York

Abandoned chihuahuas are apparently a problem in California, the land of second-guessing dog owners. So many people abandon Chihuahuas that California shelters are shipping the small, emotionally manipulative dogs to New York, claiming that Chihuahuas are an in-demand breed in New York because prospective pet owners… »11/24/13 1:30pm11/24/13 1:30pm

Kansas City Fails Miserably at the World Record for Dog Paraders

Kansas City residents affixed funny hats to their dogs and forced them to march in an inaugural Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua parade, an event whose aspirations of Guinness Book grandeur were dashed when a mere 500 dogs showed up Saturday morning. That's about 200 less dogs than is needed to break the current record. »5/06/12 12:30pm5/06/12 12:30pm

Judge Judy To Crazy Eyes Lady: "Stop Looking At Me Like That!"

The description on my cable guide for today's episode of Judge Judy »9/30/08 6:00pm9/30/08 6:00pm indicated that it would be an awesome show: "The emotional burial of a pet Chihuahua leads to a violent assault between family members." The plaintiff was suing his brother for medical and dental bills after his brother and nephew beat the crap out of…